Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Video Showcase and Some Reviews From Our Beautiful Brides :)

Love The Blooming Bride! 

Flowers were one aspect of the wedding I wasn't looking forward too. I have zero knowledge of plant life in general, and my venue was so beautiful I didn't think it needed much help in the way of flowers. Plus, in my research I was a bit overwhelmed with how much people spent on flowers. However, I was so, so, so lucky to find Tami and get swept away in her (extremely affordable) flower designs! She did a stunning job with the bouquet, along with the centerpieces. She took my vague suggestions, and everything she did looked magical. She is a true floral visionary, and I could not have been more thrilled with how she enhanced our venue! She also offered ways to cut her costs- like providing some our own crape myrtles. She gave us a small, medium, and large budget estimate as well. She has an awesome personality, and is so sweet to work with! Definitely a wonderful, extremely creative lady.


She did a wonderful job.

Tami did a wonderful job, I was very impressed, she looked at my wedding post on Pinterest to get a feel for what kind of bouquets I had pinned and asked me what I liked about them, and made suggestions on how that particular bouquet would look with my favorite flowers in them. She delivered the flowers the day of the wedding and even pinned them on the guys AND included a toss bouquet for free. I would definitely recommend her to other brides.